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Adv. Barak Benedict

 Adv. Benedict has extensive experience in the fields of civil-commercial law on its various branches, including: insolvency (receiverships, liquidations, stay of proceedings and debt arrangements), corporate (companies, partnerships and non-profit organizations), high-tech, real estate, contracts and civil-commercial litigation.


Adv. Benedict represents clients before all courts, including before the Supreme Court, in a variety of cases and issues – some of which have a broad public and business profile – and before the authorities, administrative bodies, judicial and quasi-judicial bodies.

Adv. Benedict handles complex cases, including partners and shareholders disputes, compnies liquidations, acquisitions, corporate rehabilitation and debt settlements, class actions, succsssion, matters relating to real estate and rights, complex contracts, taxation, private international law and conflict of laws, intellectual property and in administrative matters.


Adv. Benedict holds a bachelor degree in law (LL.B). During his studies, worked in the Central Distric Magistrates Court judges' assistance legal clinic and studied for an additional degree in accounting. Adv. Benedict interned in the tax authority (the unit for liquidations in the Income Tax and Real Estate Taxation), and a member of the israeli bar's tax committee and class action and derivative suits committee.

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