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Barak Benedict & Co. Law Offices

Barak Benedict & Co. law offices is a civil-commercial law offices with particular expertise in the areas of insolvency (liquidations, stay of proceedings and debt arrangements), corporate (companies, partnerships and non-profit organizations), high-tech, real estate, contracts and civil-commercial litigation. We handles large and complex legal cases in a very thorough and professional manner. The Office established in 2017 and since then operates as a highly skiled boutique law offices. 


The office's legal team characterized with multidisciplinary approach and broad legal experience and knowledge, in a manner that allows us a unique perspective to achieve the office's clients goals in the best possible way.

The office's partners are directly involved in every matter handeled by the office in order to ensure the office's clients professional, thorough, available and uncompromising legal service.

עו"ד ברק בנדיקט


Insolvancy & Debt Arragement
Succession & Estate Law
Class Actions
Civil & Commercial Law
Litigation & Dispute Resolution

"Every problem has a solution, otherwise it would not have been a problem"

 Albert Einstein -



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Tel Aviv

Our office is located at 19 Leonardo da Vinci St., near the business center and the Tel Aviv District Court.

Haifa city


Our office is located at 84 Ha'Atzmaut Rd., near the port, the business center, government offices and the Haifa District Court.